LDAP login

LDAP login yippy/flarum-ext-auth-ldap

Allow users to log in through LDAP.

Flarum LDAP authentication

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Based on tituspijean/flarum-ext-auth-ldap

This extension enables users to log into Flarum through LDAP, there has been new improvement with this fork. With multiple LDAP server support, and optional email field.

How to install

composer require yippy/flarum-ext-auth-ldap

Must install select2 assets for LDAP Server Settings dropdown selection to work.

php flarum assets:publish

Activate it in Flarum's administration panel.


This extension support English.



  • LDAP server name: sets the end of the Login with link at the top of the forum: image

  • LDAP domains or server IP adresses (comma separated): list of LDAP servers to use.

  • Port: LDAP server port

  • LDAP Version: LDAP server version

  • Base DNs (semicolon separated): list of base DNs to search users in.

  • Filter to apply (optional): Additional filtering, for example require users to be in a specific group.

  • Follow referrals, Use SSL, Use TLS: LDAP server settings

  • LDAP admin distinguished name and LDAP admin password (leave empty for anonymous binding) : if needed, specific the DN and password of the user allowed to perform searches in the LDAP server.

  • LDAP user search fields (comma separated): list of the LDAP fields used to look for the users. The extension will try all combinations of base DNs and search fields.

  • LDAP username field: name of the field containing the username that uniquely identifies the user. Can be uid or sAMAccountname, for example.

  • LDAP email field (optional): name of the field containing the user's email address. The extension will use the first email found for the user's registration in Flarum.

  • LDAP nickname search fields, enable Nicknames extension (comma separated)

  • Disable Flarum login and only use LDAP authentication: merely hides the standard login links and buttons. Users can still use the standard login method through the API.

  • Display detailed LDAP errors for failed login attempts: enable this option to help troubleshoot LDAP account errors for failed login, this will display a error whether the account isn't found, disabled or password expired.

Development (With docker)

  • Clone the repository
  • Copy docker.conf : cp docker/.docker.conf.dist docker/.docker.conf
  • Change UID in docker/.docker.conf if needed.
  • Start dockers : ./install.sh install
  • Open http://flarum.localhost
    • MySQL host: mysql
    • MySQL DB: flarum
    • MySQL user: flarum
    • MySQL password: flarum
  • Go to Admin panel and enable extension
    • LDAP domain: ldap
    • LDAP DN: dc=flarum,dc=com
    • Check connect with Ldap admin
    • LDAP admin: cn=admin,dc=flarum,dc=com
    • LDAP admin password: flarum
    • LDAP search user fields: cn,mail
    • LDAP user mail: mail
    • LDAP user username: cn
  • Add and user on : http://localhost:8081/
    • Login: cn=admin,dc=flarum,dc=com
    • Password: flarum
    • Create a new entry -> Default -> inetOrgPerson


This extension is under minimal maintenance.



  • Version v0.0.2.

    Likely works with Flarum v1.8.5.

  • 3 additional versions.
  • Extension created.