Flarum Foundation

The Flarum Foundation was set up in 2019 on Dutch soil, five years after development of the software had commenced.

To those that had invested their free time since the beginning, it became clear that the open and free concept of the software Flarum had to be guaranteed.

The Foundation is the legal owner of the Flarum software, its name and assets. It holds the trademarks and copyrights on behalf of the open source project it represents.

Governing this foundation are trusted and respected members of the Flarum team acting as board members;

  • Daniël Klabbers - Luceos - chairman
  • Jordan Schnaidt - Jordanjay29 - secretary
  • Philip Marsh - Katos - Legal

The foundation is registered at the Dutch chamber of commerce as "Stichting Flarum" under number 75601745.