Legal guidelines

Our current and past team members have invested an incredible amount of paid and unpaid time to build Flarum. Protecting their work and their legacy has become an important goal of the Flarum Foundation. The following guidelines explain what can and cannot be done with the Flarum brand, its logo and artwork. Please respect our work.

  • Brand

    Flarum is a trademarked name to protect against abuse. Use of the name is possible under specific circumstances or with written approval from the Foundation. Inproper use of the Flarum name or assets may result in preventative action being taken to protect the brand image.

What you can do

  • Mention us, write about us, link to us

  • Provide services or products related to Flarum by postfixing it with "for Flarum"

What you cannot do

  • Register domain names that contain "flarum".

  • Using "flarum" inside a product/service title, account or company name

  • Domains

    Registering a domain name containing the trademarked name "Flarum" is not allowed. Exceptions are only valid with approval from the Flarum Foundation.