Why We're Building Flarum

Over ten years ago Toby Zerner, the founder of Flarum, worked arduously on esoTalk. A powerful forum software that he and his brother started out to build. This tool proved a great playground for learning. It also triggered the design of a successor which eventually became the seed out of which one of the greatest forum concepts blossomed: Flarum.

Now, four years after the first beta release and seven beta releases later, the Flarum ecosystem finds itself in a turbulent period. Adoption of our software has skyrocketed, complementing services surface and even enterprises are migrating over. Toby has now left the team to focus his efforts on a commercial version of the software, drawing upon the knowledge that he has learned upon his time at Flarum. The team has stepped up to take ownership of the project and to continue to drive the ethos of Flarum.

Whilst forums at their core have remained very much the same over the years, we at Flarum believe that the time has come to challenge the outmoded forum design and architecture. Flarum has been created specifically to engage and enhance community interactions in a digital world and to create lean, extensible software that improves the experience of the user and the engineer. To this point, Flarum has been built specifically with extensibility and ease of use in mind, whilst building upon modern software standards to ensure that this remains within our core ethos: Simple, Modern and Fast.