Meet our leadership

Not just running point on day to day operations, these people take charge in the overall organisation of the project from within the Flarum Foundation.

  • Daniël Klabbers

    Daniël Klabbers

    Project manager
  • Jordan Schnaidt

    Jordan Schnaidt

    Community manager
  • Franz Liedke

    Franz Liedke

    Core developer
  • Philip Marsh

    Philip Marsh

    QA Lead

Meet our developers

Passionate people from all over the world dedicate their free time to build Flarum as a competitive, yet free to use forum software. Their efforts ensure a stable pace of development.

  • David Sevilla Martín

    David Sevilla Martín

    Core developer
  • Clark Winkelmann

    Clark Winkelmann

    Core developer
  • Matthew Kilgore

    Matthew Kilgore

    Core developer & Ops
  • Alexander (Sasha) Skvortsov

    Alexander (Sasha) Skvortsov

    Core developer
  • Charlie Kern

    Charlie Kern

    Core developer
    Verified Community Coordinator
  • Christian Lopez

    Christian Lopez

  • Sami Mazouz

    Sami Mazouz

    Core developer
  • Ian Morland

    Ian Morland


Meet our staff

Without our devoted community staff, our developers would be spread thin. Moderative, content and other community team member create a healthy ecosystem around our product.

  • Gary Gomes

    Gary Gomes