Meet our leadership

Not just running point on day to day operations, these people take charge in the overall organisation of the project from within the Flarum Foundation.

  • Jordan Schnaidt

    Jordan Schnaidt

    Community manager
  • Philip Marsh

    Philip Marsh

    Quality Assurance Lead
  • Daniël Klabbers

    Daniël Klabbers

    Project manager

Meet our developers

Passionate people from all over the world dedicate their free time to build Flarum as a competitive, yet free to use forum software. Their efforts ensure a stable pace of development.

  • Alexander (Sasha) Skvortsov

    Alexander (Sasha) Skvortsov

    Core developer
  • David Sevilla Martín

    David Sevilla Martín

    Core developer
  • David Wheatley

    David Wheatley

    Core developer
  • Frederik Rouseré

    Frederik Rouseré

    Quality Assurance
  • Ian Morland

    Ian Morland

  • Sami Mazouz

    Sami Mazouz

    Core developer
  • Matthew Kilgore

    Matthew Kilgore

    Core developer & Ops

Meet our staff

Without our devoted community staff, our developers would be spread thin. Moderative, content and other community team member create a healthy ecosystem around our product.

  • Gregor Hammerschmidt

    Gregor Hammerschmidt

    Languages Coordinator
  • Marco Colia

    Marco Colia

    Languages Coordinator
  • Robert Korulczyk

    Robert Korulczyk

    Languages Coordinator
  • Clark Winkelmann

    Clark Winkelmann

  • Charlie Kern

    Charlie Kern

  • Dilip K

    Dilip K

    Verified Community Coordinator
  • Gary Gomes

    Gary Gomes


Former staff

People we honor for their past efforts into the Flarum project. The cornerstone of our project is the vast amounts of time that people have devoted to building software that is free for everyone. We share our gratitude by listing these former developers and staff members on the same page as ourselves, shoulder-to-shoulder, arm-in-arm. We are going strong only because of the example these people have set.

  • Franz Liedke

    Franz Liedke

  • Christian Lopez

    Christian Lopez

    Quality Assurance
  • Toby Zerner

    Toby Zerner