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  • Ian Morland

    Ian Morland

    Dorset, United Kingdom

    [email protected]

    Flarum team member and senior full stack developer who assisted in the migration of a prominent UK telco from Khoros to Flarum. Widely respected for his dedication in keeping extensions maintained under the Friends of Flarum and growing the Flarum extension ecosystem with valuable, quality extensions. Co-founder of Blomstra, the managed Flarum hosting company.

Involved in these extensions

follow users
html head items
level ranks
log in with amazon
no meta title
same page admin
fof upload
fof formatting
fof links
fof user bio
fof pages
fof polls
fof user directory
fof follow tags
fof best answer
fof profile image crop
fof byōbu
fof reactions
fof merge discussions
fof night mode
fof split
cache assets
mark unread
no email notifications
notification deleter
author filter
sort order toggle
welcome login
sign in with apple
usercard stats
gb password strength
gb redis setup
gb solution views
gb inline hints
gb typeform
gb newvigation
gb scheduled posts
gb localizd
gb modmsg
gb sweep
gb engage
gb welcome popup