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A perfect example of Flarum's customizability. This highly customised Dutch developer community has a unique layout, with beautiful elements like a custom loader. Created by the author of the popular SEO and Support Platform extensions.


As a leading British telephone network, giffgaff serves millions of customers. Through innovative use of Flarum, they've built up a passionate peer support community, improving support and engaging customers.

UPC Switzerland

Leading provider of communication and entertainment in Switzerland. Their Flarum community creates a framework for healthy togetherness while supporting their customers with an appealing, user-friendly community experience.


Dev Diary: Build 21
👀 v1.4 cycle
To kickstart this cycle I just went through a group of logged bugs in the repository and posted PRs addressing them to keep the number of reported bugs under control.
Flarum v1 Release Announcements
This discussion acts as a way for people to subscribe to announcements on releases. Before stable we would announce releases as separate discussions, because all changes were bundled and released as one beta.
Having passed that milestone we have already released several patch releases for v1.0. These releases were announced either in the v1.0 release announcement or in the Dev Diary. We felt this is not the right place.
From now on we will announce ALL releases, no matter the size, in this discussion. 🔔 So make sure to follow.
  • ⏰ Releases for Flarum and all bundled extensions are announced here and/or linked to.
  • 🔇 Comments are disabled. Please open a discussion for feedback or support.
Previous Release Announcements
Flarum v1.3.0 Released

v1.3.0 - Wombat

An image of an Australian Wombat

📣 The Release

With v1.2 having rolled out earlier this year, we quickly follow up with v1.3 after several chirurgical changes to how our developers work. With that behind us, we are able to bring to you our newest release.

👨‍💻 For Developers

All extensions compatible with Flarum 1.2 should work with 1.3. We have completed all typings and typescript components so these should be easier to use in your own code. A complete list of all changes for developers can be found on the Upgrade Guide.

⤴️ Upgrading

Before you upgrade, make sure to create a backup of your public/assets directory, your composer.json and your database!
Before starting the upgrade process, ensure you are on Flarum 1.0.0 or above in your Admin Dashboard or by typing php flarum info. If you're not, use the previous release notes for upgrading from an earlier version.
To upgrade from a version 1 Flarum to version 1.3, take a look at our upgrade guide documentation. The process should be much easier compared to previous major version upgrades, due to the lack of breaking changes.
If you run into any issues, please open a new discussion under the Support tag. Ignore similar discussions, and open a new one anyhow. Make sure to mention the output of php flarum info, composer why-not flarum/core v1.3.0, and any errors to their fullest.

😇 Thanks to our Sponsors

Financial donations keep Flarum alive and kicking. The following companies and people deserve credit for making Flarum sustainable:
Thanks for being awesome 😍 !

🙇‍♀️ Acknowledgements

Flarum wouldn't be the same without our over one hundred contributors, along with their generous time commitments! For this release we specifically thank these wonderful people:

🆘 Support the Project

We need your support to:
  • Guarantee continued development on the software.
  • Create a valuable ecosystem around the project.
  • Ensure healthy extensions are available.
You can support us:
  • 👕 By getting some swag from our merchandise store!
  • 💵 By backing us on Open Collective or on GitHub.
  • 👩‍💻 By contributing to the source code, hop onto any of our open issues.
  • 📈 By creating your own Flarum extensions and sharing them with the world!
  • 🌎 By translating Flarum and extensions into your own language.
  • 💝 By sharing your love for Flarum with friends, family and on the internet.
  • 💬 By hanging out with us, here on discuss and on discord!
If you're looking to get coding, make sure to check out our documentation.
Updating our issue creation protocol
Greetings everyone,
Following our announcement a few months back about archiving all issues and setting the slate clean, and having moved forward with doing so in the past couple of months, we are today announcing our protocol for logging issues going forward.
  • Verifiable/reproducible bugs can still be directly logged to GitHub.
  • Unreproducible bugs will be closed.
  • Feature requests and other types of issues need to be addressed in the newly created Proposals tag, where discussions can take place with the whole community. Eventually, depending on our roadmap and the impact of your votes we might pick some entries and creates actionable GitHub issues from them.
  • Pull Requests to read-only repositories are no longer accepted, all the development effort takes place on the mono-repository.
The Feedback tag has been archived and a new Praise tag has been added for positive feedback which is not for proposing additions to the software.
This is all to help us developers move faster and be more organized about what is being worked on and not. We appreciate the community's understanding in this regard.
Dev Diary: Build 20
Here we go again 😉
v1.2.0 was just released, let's continue keeping you all in the loop about our progress as much as we can.



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