How do you build Paid membership community with Flarum?

Build a private, paid access membership community with Flarum

Engage with your audience on this friendly and welcoming platform where you are in full control! Increase recurring revenue from increasing subscriptions and grow into sustainability.

Possible with this extension

How to make a influencer-community? The basic, vanilla installation of Flarum is very lean. With its extensible nature using or building the extensions to match the needs of your use case is easy.

Simplified Installation by installing the preset bundle with composer: composer require flarum-com/preset:dev-influencer-community

Monetize your userbase with ease

Easily earn money from your users with paid content, premium groups, ads or even bounties!

Monetize your userbase with ease

Own your community

Flarum is free and open source. Not happy about your hosting provider? Get a backup and run it elsewhere!

Own your community

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