Free, open source

Flarum is distributed under the MIT license. Use it for commercial and non-commercial projects.

This also means you can install it wherever you want and modify it however you need. You are not tied to a provider or developer!

“We were looking for an open source solution that is expandable, out of the box, ready for future features and also has a large community for assistance.”

Daniele Ladu Daniele Ladu
Ahmet Uysal and Daniele Ladu community managers at Sunrise UPC


A cornerstone of Flarum is its extensibility. With 1390 extensions and counting, the sky is the limit. Configure your community to your needs, no bloat just valuable features. Built on top of well known tech, Laravel and Typescript, getting custom features made is a breeze.

“This is a unique piece of software, if you are a web developer I promise you that you are going to feel like it's your child.”

Extension administration panel

Mobile first, native ready

Designed and construed to be mobile-first, Flarum has strong requirements for its interface so that it works best on phones and tablets without sacrificing desktop users. Driven by a JSONAPI backend allows using Flarum for any of your custom native apps as well.

“I liked Flarum because of its interface and its beauty in simplicity. It may seem easy, but I find it is actually really hard to create simple software. I also liked the vibe and culture in the Flarum community a lot. I have a lot of respect for all those people who are the driving force behind Flarum every day.”

Willem de Groot

Lean and Fast

Our extension-first approach and deliberate choice for the smallest frontend framework, in addition to continuous optimizations are examples of the pursuit for speed and leanness. Unnecessary extensions, slow loading times and bloat are a thing of the past!

“I've installed and used many forum platforms over the last 20 years or so. Flarum loads very fast, has all the features you need out of the box, and it looks like an app. Flarum is the best modern forum software.”

Extension administration panel

Runs anywhere

Whether you are running on a shared or scalable, cloud-based hosting environment; Flarum gracefully operates on both. From local storage to buckets, from file based session drivers to redis; set up your stack according to your and your community needs.

Built on the most common hosting technology like PHP and MySQL, allows Flarum to have few requirements and operate under the lowest strain to server capacity.

“[The upgrade] went smooth as butter (I updated my forum SSH-ing from my iPhone, which is to say how I really trust Flarum devs 👍🏻)..”