Premium extension terms

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You want more too?

No problem! "Premium" or "paid" extensions are a great way to extend your Flarum forum. They, for instance, provide features for larger forums, features in high demand or features targeting a niche market. You can expect premium extensions to be well maintained and written at decent quality by respected members of the community.

In order to offer you extensions that actually are worth their money, we review each new premium extension developer. In addition, developers can only offer premium extensions once they received an invitation.


We offer the developers -- almost -- full control of how they price their premium extensions. Either a one-off payment or recurring subscription.

You are able to install and update the premium extension on any number of Flarum forums connected to your account on our website.

Aside from a small share to fund our operational costs, all payments from subscriptions will go directly into an account managed by the developer team.

Standard vs Extended plans

The standard plan allows use of the premium extension by you or one client, on as many not for profit forums the licensee needs.

The extended plan allows use of the premium extension by you or one client on as many for- or not for profit forums the licensee needs.

Premium extension subscriptions are meant for people running one or more Flarum installations themselves. Anyone using premium extensions for others, including (managed) Flarum hosting, multi tenant Flarum installations, marketplaces or any other reselling schemes need to resell one license per client. Unless you have a custom plan/agreement negotiated with Flarum BV and the premium extension developer.


The extension developer will provide adequate support for all your subscribed premium extensions for as long as you are subscribed. For lifetime plans the support period is two years.

In case the extension developer fails to answer to your support questions you can contact us through the contact page premium extensions support. Once reviewed and valid, the last payment of your subscription will be refunded.


If you are no longer interested in having the ability to install or update the premium extension, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time. In order to do so you can visit the "Subscriptions" tab on our website. One-off payments are never refunded.

Although continued subscription allows you to keep updating the extension, once cancelled your extension will no longer receive updates and can no longer be installed.


Subscriptions and one time fees give you a limited license to use the extension. This license is person bound. Your license and account cannot be transferred.