How the company and open source project are intertwined.

Flarum Foundation

The Flarum project and its trademarks are owned and governed by the Flarum Foundation, a Dutch not-for-profit entity that guarantees that the project remains well-maintained, free, open-source software. The Foundation is an independent entity, which attracts donations and grants to fulfil its goals.

Flarum B.V.

Siding with the Foundation, the Flarum B.V. is a commercial companion that provides commercial products and services to any Flarum community owner. This entity interacts closely with the foundation and employs Flarum (core) developers to improve Flarum and its ecosystem.


Every milestone since Flarums inception in 2014.

  • December 20th 2014
    Toby Zerner decides to open source Flarum, cancelling a running fundraiser on Kickstarter in favour of making "better forums for everyone". His experiences with EsoTalk and his vision, to this day, continue to influence the direction of the Flarum project.
  • March 16th 2015
    Franz Liedke, creator of Fluxbb and respected Laravel artisan, joins the Flarum development team to bring to fruition the vision for Fluxbb v2. With Toby and Franz both aiming to "provide a very basic forum software that brings all the essential features a forum needs", beta's continue to roll out.
  • August 15th 2019
    Although Toby has since departed the project, the Flarum team has grown larger, more professional and increasingly active each passing year. In 2019, the Flarum Foundation was brought into existence to safeguard the future of Flarum as a free and open-source product.
  • March 25th 2020
    The 1000th extension is published for the Flarum software.
  • May 25th 2021
    Flarum reaches its first stable release after sixteen beta's over a period of seven years.
  • March 16th 2023
    The 2000th extension is published for the Flarum software.
  • May 27nd 2024
    Several projects from the Flarum ecosystem, like Extiverse, are brought into a unified platform on to better showcase Flarum, promote its extensibility and offer services required by growing communities.
  • June 21st, Friday
    Building extensible, truly open source community software and being a reliable partner for Flarum community design, development and scalable, managed Flarum hosting to 3 communities.

Former staff

People we honor for their past efforts into the Flarum project. The cornerstone of our project is the vast amounts of time that people have devoted to building software that is free for everyone. We share our gratitude by listing these former developers and staff members on the same page as ourselves, shoulder-to-shoulder, arm-in-arm. We are going strong only because of the example these people have set.