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The Flarum Foundation proudly champions the cause of keeping Flarum not just open source, but free for everyone. Every penny we receive goes directly into ensuring that this incredible platform remains accessible, innovative, and ahead of the curve. But we can't do it without you.

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While passion and dedication are a major component powering Flarum's journey, financial support is the catalyst that will propel us to new heights. With your generous donations, we can expedite our pursuit of excellence and achieve our goals more swiftly. Here's what your contribution will help us accomplish.

Accelerated development

Your donations enable us to compensate our skilled developers and contributors, thereby mobilizing more of their time and expertise to expedite Flarum's evolution and innovation.

Keep it open source

By contributing, you're actively participating in our mission to keep Flarum open source. This not only helps us maintain a free platform but also reinforces our dedication to fostering accessible, collaborative online communities for all.

Extension health

Extension maintenance is quite a burden and the more you write, the harder it gets. The team invests time into sharing that burden by patching well-used extensions and creating tooling to simplify the job.


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$5 - $75 /month


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$1.000 if paid annually.

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Continued financial bronze, silver or gold sponsor.

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