Participate, building Flarum.

Participate in building excellent community software

Develop, design, extend, document, translate Flarum or assist others in their adoption and use of Flarum.


The most direct way of helping the success of Flarum is contributing to Flarum core or the first party extensions like approval, lock or tags.

Your Impact

Your contributions empower people to grow meaningful communities through free, open source software. From a group of friends, role play communities to big corporations on one hand, to suppressed minorities, vulnerable groups and war engulfed people on the other, Flarum enables people to interact on their own terms.

Shape Flarum

With our limited time we stick mostly to our planned roadmap. Contributions to our roadmap or to something you championed will have an immediate effect on Flarums' ecosystem, success and thus future.


Our codebase is modern, and we heavily value good engineering and clean code. There's also a lot of interesting, challenging problems to solve regarding design, infrastructure, performance, and extensibility. Especially if you're a student or early in your career, working on Flarum is a great opportunity to build development skills.


The strongest force in the Flarum ecosystem are the developers building extensions for much wanted features. The core team heavily focuses on making Flarum extensible, using that extensibility to solve the needs of the many by building and maintaining community extensions, free or paid, is a guaranteed way of being helpful to Flarum.


Every extension is a need fulfilled for many communities. Authentication, social, gaming or formatting extensions for example, there's always something fantastic that can be added to Flarum.


As a developer, the most valuable ability is to create something with your own hands. While extending Flarum with your wildest ideas, you practice and master front- and backend skills while receiving renown for your hard work.


Settled extension developers gain the opportunity to publish higher quality, well sought after features on the Flarum marketplace with lifetime or recurring plans called premium extensions.


Documentation, extensions and language packs in your own language are a big plus for any community.

Software translations

Translating Flarum in your own language is a great way to empower people of your language to better understand and use Flarum in their community.

Documentation translations

Our documentation explain the use, administration and extensibility of Flarum. It being translated in your language will increase the adoption of Flarum, as well as stimulate extensions for your demographic audience.

Flarum Languages

The Flarum Languages project oversees and coordinates the translation efforts for Flarum by managing the different translation pack repositories and assigning (co-)maintainer status to our volunteer translators.


On a daily basis, people need help with Flarum and its extensions. Guidance of these users helps offload the core team so they can focus on maintenance and development.


Become a coach to help others in understanding Flarum through installation, use and extending. From choosing the right extensions for a certain community, to installing and problem solving common issues. Most of these questions pop up on the support section of our community or on the our discord.


Creating guides on how to install, configure and use Flarum on your stack of choice, will help others on the same path. Our community has a dedicated tutorials section for this purpose.